Using two-liter plastic bottles for long-term food storage

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( In times of emergency or crisis, finding food will become a priority – for a lot of people – meaning available food will quickly vanish from grocery stores and markets, while replacement stores will be a long time coming.

In order to avoid the chaos and danger of searching for food in a crisis, and to give you and your family a healthy dose of food security, you should think about long-term food storage now while you can.

There are many techniques available for storing foods for lengths of time. One way, of course, is to buy food specifically packaged for long-term storage. But there are also DIY techniques you can use to supplement such foods.

As the following video demonstrates, you can use empty two-liter plastic bottles you have properly cleaned and sanitized for long-term food storage purposes, especially grains, beans and other legumes.

The video below explains:

— What kinds of foods you can put in two-liter bottles

— The cost-savings you can achieve through DIY food storage

— How to preserve your food long-term

— The equipment you’ll need

— How to know your bottles are properly sealed and waterproofed

Plastic itself acts as a great moisture barrier, but over time it can be oxygen-permeable, so preventing infiltration of moisture and air will be paramount. Also, some preppers further seal their bottles using melted paraffin wax around the caps; simply dip the cap and part of the bottle neck into melted hot wax and let cool.

Grab a notepad and click on the video below!


H/T: The Heavy Truth


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