Former Reagan and Bush administration official warns ‘revolution’ might be only way to right the U.S. ‘ship of state’

Tuesday, January 05, 2016 by

( A former national security official with the Reagan administration and a top military and civilian aid to Colin Powell both as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and as secretary of state has made a startling admission: That revolution on the American continent may just be the only way the bust up the Washington power elite and put a stop to the endless proliferation of empire and the military-industrial complex.

In addition, retired U.S. Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson said in a recent interview that the main “purpose” today of American foreign policy “is to support the complex that we have created in the national security state that is fueled, funded and powered by interminable war.”

What’s more, U.S. foreign policy objectives are more about expansion of the empire than have little to do with altruistic intentions.

“It’s never been about altruism. It’s about sheer power, and lately it’s not even been about a realistic application of that sheer power,” he told investigative journalist Abby Martin.

“It’s been, more or less, so failed in its overall general aspects that it has diminished our real power in the world, and this is what concerns me mostly because history demonstrates that this is what empires do when they get ready to collapse,” he explained. “They begin to be so zealous of their own power and its expansion that they actually decrease their power and it becomes inevitable that they cease to exist or exist in the same form they did when they were an empire.”

“We’re in real trouble right now because of what this empire has generated,” he continued, “because of the incentives and motivations of it, and because it’s basically run by about 1 percent of the people, if not fewer in this country,” which is “essentially a plutocracy.”

“Its unconscionable,” and “it’s not sustainable,” Wilkerson noted.

And yet, the cycle of perpetual war – with bigger defense budgets – remains unbroken. Indeed, it may be impossible to break, Wilkerson admits.

“This ship is sinking,” Wilkerson noted.

When asked what can be done to break the cycle, Wilkerson said: “The American people, or at least a powerful, substantial minority, but hopefully a powerful majority, are going to have to get sick and tired of this, they’re going to have to get angry about it, and they’re going to have to take action. That’s the only thing that I see as a way to salvage this republic before it sinks completely.

“We are going to have to have [a large segment of American society] actually stand up on their hind legs and say, ‘I’ve had it. This isn’t going to happen anymore. You’re not going to…does that mean revolution? It might. It might indeed.”

Watch the entire startling 25-minute interview below:


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