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    Pasteurized milk linked to testicular, prostate and breast cancer,

    You better think twice about grabbing that carton of pasteurized milk during your next grocery trip. A study recently conducted by Harvard University showed that pasteurized milk products from factory farms may cause hormone-dependent cancers. Apparently, the concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) model of raising cows on factory farms churns out milk with dangerously high levels of estrone Read More


    Vaccine quackery: Big Pharma’s money machine is out to defraud you,

    Scientific fraud, trickery and deception – these are the words that best describe the shady world of vaccine research, funded by the American taxpayer and generating profits for Big Pharma. The self-affirming cult of “Western medicine” silences any attempt at reasonable dissent; meanwhile, parents are forced to make uninformed choices for their children in the Read More


    Supplements sold by Walmart, Walgreens and other retailers don’t match the ingredients on their labels,

    The New York State Attorney General announced early last year that testing showed that supplements sold at Walmart, Walgreens, Target and GNC do not actually contain the herbs they claim to contain on their label. Cheap fillers, such as powdered rice, asparagus, house plants and even some substances that could be fatal to those with allergies, were found Read More


    U.S. finally admits Agent Orange residue poisoned its own soldiers,

    After decades of denial, the Department of Veteran Affairs finally acknowledged that Monsanto’s Agent Orange, a herbicide sprayed across Vietnam during the war, was responsible for the health ailments of over 2,100 Air Force servicemen. Federal officials have agreed to release over $45 million in disability benefits to Air Force active duty personnel and reservists Read More


    Big Mac no more? Listen to the Health Ranger’s take on the McDonald’s empire’s imminent collapse,

    Fast food giant McDonald’s is on the brink of collapse, if the claims of its own franchisees are any indication of what’s about to happen in the near future. “We are in the throes of a deep depression, and nothing is changing,” one franchisee wrote in response to a recently conducted survey on the fast food chain. Read More


    CDC officials convened to destroy evidence relating vaccines to autism,

    Given the government’s less than impressive track record when it comes to transparency and accountability, it’s really no surprise to learn that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has deliberately destroyed evidence linking vaccines to autism. While politically desensitized citizens might simply ignore such a revelation, the rest of us, whose families, friends and children Read More


    U.S. government remains indifferent as the rest of the world moves towards ban on glyphosate,

    There’s no denying it — an increasing number of countries have now been joining the battle against Monsanto and its products. In the Netherlands, for instance, the Dutch parliament already voted to ban the sale of glyphosate-based herbicides to private parties. Initially, Monsanto’s connections prevented the enactment of the proposal; however, thanks to the influence of the Read More


    U.S. Department of Health admits vaccines can cause injury and death,

    Our government has always been an institution built on secrets, cover-ups and lies, if we were to look at it at the negative, disillusioned end of the spectrum. For instance, certain information about vaccines, which the public ought to know, has long remained shrouded in mystery — that is, until previously unheard of admissions came to light thanks to the U.S. Read More


    MRI research reveals cancer loves sugar,

    In the future, cancer detection may well rely on measuring which cells feed off sugar the most, according to research from the University College London (UCL). This further confirms the danger that sugar poses as a cancer-promoting agent. In a study published in Nature Medicine, scientists experimented with a novel form of magnetic resonance imaging Read More


    “Devil’s breath” drug that could turn anyone into a mindless zombie now FDA-approved,

    Urban myths in South America are replete with stories about the horrors of a potent drug that could allegedly sap a person’s free will, effectively turning him into a zombie. While the idea might seem to be merely a recreation of the fantastical zombie myth, the fact is, it really exists. The drug that could completely deprive a person of his Read More

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