Check out these 10 DIY prepping skills that are easy, fun and effective

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( It is said that as humans we never stop learning, and that is certainly the case when it comes to survival skills and prepping. Even skills we’ve learned long ago and are proficient at can be improved upon if we stumble upon a better way to do them.

But let’s face it: If we were to buy everything there is to buy, along with the space necessary to store it all, we’d go broke.

With that in mind, then, it becomes necessary to use what you have available, to make your limited funds go further while still being able to prepare for any contingency or emergency.

The following are 10 DIY ideas to better prepping:


  1. Those Altoids tins: These make excellent little “survival tins” you can carry in your car or your bugout bag, and they can of course be customized to fit your specific needs. You can make one for first aid supplies; fishing kits; a mini-sewing box; and much more.
  1. Solar generator: You can purchase one, or you can try making one yourself. There are lots of ideas out there for building your own, and you can learn quite a bit about power generation at the same time. Costs vary; check these ideas out.
  1. Paracord projects: Ah, yes, the venerable paracord! There are so many uses for paracord it’s not possible to list them all here, but suffice to say you definitely should have some. You can make bracelets, lanyards, wrap knife handles, make zipper pulls, shoe laces and so forth. Ranger Gear ™ offers some great little paracord kits, and in a variety of colors.
  1. Stoves: (Rocket Stove; Tin Can Stove, etc.) You can purchase a small Coleman stove but learning how to make a rocket stove or other DIY stoves will come in handy as a life skill, especially if, someday, your camp stove isn’t around.
  2.  Food storage shelves: Most of us are always looking for better, more efficient ways to store more food, and that usually involves some creativity. Building shelving is a simple process; here are some ideas. You can use space under steps, closets, basements, the walls of your garage and many other areas that are currently under-utilized.
  1. Building shelters/tying knots: These are key skills that you can learn in your spare time. Practicing knot-tying can be done when you sit down in front of the TV at night after work, for instance. As for shelters, you can get some ideas here and here. One – the fighting pit/shelter – requires a lot of physical labor and time; the second requires much less time but offers less protection. For a simple shelter you just need some paracord, a tarp, a wire saw and tent stakes, though you can do without the stakes and make those from wood you find laying around.
  1. Firestarting: You may have a dozen lighters in your bugout kit but it never hurts to have backup fire-starting gear, and that includes the simple (here) and the more complex ways of starting fires. Another DIY method – making char cloth you can keep in (what else?) an Altoids tin [H/T: Crazy Russian Hacker].
  1. Crisco candles: These are incredibly simple to make; all you need is some wick material, oil and a container. It can also be done with sardine cans or crayons.
  1. Survival food: This DIY literally could be a lifesaver. You can make your own beef jerky, survival food bars, learn how to smoke meat and even make your own cheese and butter.
  1. Food storage buckets: Yes, you can buy your long-term storage survival food already in a bucket, but for less money you can make them yourself. is part of the USA Features Media network of sites.


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