Anti-government rumblings are so loud and widespread that now even the mainstream media is taking note – but missing the points

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( In case you missed it, the Washington Post spent no small amount of time and resources on a story the paper published on Sunday that essentially showcased one man – Oregonian B. J. Soper – and one “patriot” group – the Central Oregon Constitutional Guard – as examples of a growing “anti-government movement” that is spreading across the country, especially in the Midwest and West.

Soper was quoted liberally, I will give the Post that much, though with the Left-wing press you never really know how much of what was said was left out of the final story or placed out of context. That said, the piece was also peppered with snark and suspicion of such groups, all carefully woven into the prose, and that is always the case. The writer even turned to some of the usual subjects – like the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Left-wing kook an Constitution hater Mark Potok – for counter-opinion. And of course that counter-opinion is also predictably unflattering.

But this is what counts for “objective” journalism inside the Beltway: An attempt at “honest” reporting while being very ideological and one-sided. Always makes me wonder why guys like Soper even bother giving interviews to mainstream media outlets whose reporters are so opposed to them politically and ideologically from the outset that objectivity and “fairness” were never even considerations.

All that said, the impetus for the story – that discontent with government is alive and well in America and it is growing – is absolutely valid and true, so much so that even the Post is moved to report on it, even as a sideways attempt to discredit Americans who feel that Washington simply has too much control over their lives.

Yet the Post, like other mainstream media, completely whiffed on why tens of millions of Americans have had enough (or are damned close to it): They are tired – no, really tired – of being continually buffeted, micromanaged, insulted and abused by a weaponized federal agencies and an inattentive Congress that refuses to push back against a president who so clearly and so often abuses his constitutional authorities.

The latest insult – Obama’s “threat” to all public schools around the country to implement rules allowing students who self-identify as another sex to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice, or lose their federal funding – was the last straw for at least one state legislature, Oklahoma, where lawmakers there urged members of Congress to initiate articles of impeachment against the president, his attorney general and the Education Department secretary.

That won’t happen, of course, but the point is well-taken: This president, if one were to read and interpret the Constitution honestly, through historic, not ideological, lens, you can well conclude that the president – any president – simply lacks the authority to make any such threat. Congress appropriates that money to the Education Department, and it is to be spent in the manner it is appropriated for; presidents do not have authority to unilaterally decided not to spend appropriated funds for the appropriated conditions.

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In any event, the Post and big government-loving liberal reporters throughout the legacy media see such opposition to Obama and these ludicrous, unconstitutional actions as petty, juvenile, inappropriate and unimportant. But they have a real effect on real people – that is, everyone not living inside the D.C. bubble – and that’s what is fueling the rise in groups who, in some way, are pushing back.

It’s not about “anti-government” anything, it’s about too much government everything. People are sick and tired of having to get permission from government to make a living, work their own land, or take a certain kind of job. They’re tired of being overtaxed, under-represented and micromanaged.

The Post doesn’t get that. No one in the old-school, legacy media gets that – either because they aren’t living it or because they are too arrogant and full of themselves to think that anyone else who’s opinion and life experiences are different don’t matter.

Which just compounds the discontent.

There are a lot of B. J. Sopers in the U.S. and his numbers are growing. It’s not because Obama is black or because he’s this or he’s that; it’s because increasing numbers of Americans are fed up with inefficient, overly expensive, incompetent and meddling government, all of which he has perpetuated (and Congress hasn’t done much to intervene).

Yes, the rumbling sounds of discontent are indeed growing louder across the land, but too few who are in positions to help quiet that discontent even know or care why it exists in the first place.

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