Is the goal of U.S. domestic unrest behind Putin helping Trump win in November?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 by

( As conspiracy theories go, this one is pretty bold. But it’s also based on no small amount of intelligence analysis. Remember, few believed that terrorists would fly hijacked planes into the World Trade Center – until they did.

As you may know, the Democratic National Committee’s email servers were hacked in recent weeks, and most Western and U.S. intelligence analysts and cybersecurity firms believe the hacks were carried out by Russian intelligence. Politically, what those emails say tells us a great deal about how morally bankrupt the Democratic Party is, but what is even more important than that is what the hacks say about who is interested in the U.S. presidential race – Russian President Vladimir Putin.

That a foreign power – and a great power at that (“great” meaning that Russia is one of first world’s major powers) – is trying to influence the outcome of one of our elections is typical intelligence tradecraft; U.S. intelligence agencies have worked since their inception to influence the outcome of elections in nations all around the world, especially during the Cold War.

The reason why we seek to influence election outcomes is the same reason why other countries try to influence ours: To try to install a government that will help us achieve our national security and foreign policy objectives. Clearly that is what Putin is attempting to do, and he obviously believes that his objectives would be greatly assisted by the election of Donald J. Trump.

The question is…why? What does Putin see in Trump that he believes will advance his foreign policy and national security objectives? And why does he believe Clinton won’t?

On the surface it sure seems like Hillary Clinton would be easier for Putin to manipulate. Clinton, as secretary of state, helped the Obama administration make a deal with a Russian company to obtain one-fifth of all U.S. uranium reserves – putting Putin much closer to his personal goal of controlling all of the world’s reserves (uranium is considered a strategic asset – think nuclear weapons). When this deal was being made, millions of dollars flowed into the Clinton Family Foundation, and former President Bill Clinton made a ton of money in Russia just to give speeches. Rock stars don’t even make that kind of coin.

Plus, there are Hillary Clinton’s likely hacked emails from her unprotected personal server – information that most definitely has wound up in Moscow (and Beijing…and Tehran…and…) There is probably a treasure trove of information Putin could use to blackmail or “influence” Clinton into adopting policies that are easy on Russia.

Trump, by comparison, has done business all over the world and has praised Putin as a good leader. So what gives?

What if Putin’s objective was to create massive social unrest in America, so he would be free to pursue his nation’s interests around the globe while the U.S. was distracted at home combatting widespread societal chaos that might even lead to martial law?

President Obama, via the Obama Foundation and other left-wing organizations, is already planning on perpetuating the social injustice movement when he leaves office. A Clinton presidency will certainly make this process much less violent than if Trump wins. In fact, there is no indication from any sector of [conservative/Republican] society that a Hillary presidency will spark the kind of massive protests, unrest and violence that a Trump presidency is certain to spark. With the U.S. distracted at home, would a nemesis try to take advantage of our situation to advance their agenda?

Another theory is that Putin may prefer Trump because he may think that he and Trump can make trade deals that will help Moscow with its slumping oil income or boost economic cooperation in other areas. But what is more important to Putin – the national economy (personally, he is a billionaire) or pressing his strategic advantage to re-form much of the former Soviet Union with him in charge? What a legacy that would be for any Russian leader longing for the “old days.”

A Trump victory in November may provide the answer.

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