Hillary Clinton’s health is so poor she cannot lead us to victory in the next world war that is coming

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 by

(Bugout.news) You wouldn’t know it if all you did was pay attention to the Left-wing mainstream media, which is hyper-focused on taking down GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, even to the point of self-destructing, but his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton is deteriorating, health-wise, before our very eyes.

Anyone who is being fair to both presidential candidates – and there are not many of those people – can tell that it is Trump, not Clinton, who has demonstrated the stamina necessary to meet the demands of the U.S. presidency.

Clinton’s now-epic coughing fits, her inability to sit for lengths of time without a pillow, her inability to climb a short set of stairs without help from aids, her blanking out and small seizure-like motions during campaign stops – all of this makes it very obvious that she’s got some major health problems that the fawning press refuses to cover because, gosh, we can’t let Trump have it. Some are even calling on tech giants like Google to “hide” the info.

Disagreeing with a presidential nominee over ideology doesn’t even come close to justifying the loss of our country, and that’s what will happen if Clinton wins: She’s just not healthy enough – mentally or physically – to be commander-in-chief when the proverbial stuff hits the fan next time.

Over the weekend former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, admittedly a Trump supporter, pointed out on Fox News Sunday that Clinton has not had a press conference in more than 200 days – something the press doesn’t seem to care about – and that she has exhibited “several signs of illness,” but is getting away with it because the press refuses to make issue of her health.

The media “fails to point out several signs of illness by her; all you gotta do is go online,” Giuliani said, before being interrupted by host Shannon Bream, who pointed out that Clinton’s campaign has said there is no factual evidence to support those claims.

“Go online and put down ‘Hillary Clinton illness,’ take a look at the videos yourself,” Giuliani continued, as reported by Politico.

Of course the Clinton campaign is going to blow off such accusations, as Politico made sure to note. But why isn’t the media asking more questions, like it is supposed to do?

We know the answer to that, of course. The mainstream media is playing its role as the Pretorian guard for Clinton, shielding her from serious scrutiny because she has a “D” behind her name and Trump is a bigot/homophobe/racist/lout/etc. Oh, and a Republican to boot.

But as usual the media’s Left-wing ideology is more important than the safety and security of the very country they are supposed to serve. The fact is, electing a near-invalid to the White House is a major national security risk.

FDR might have been stricken with polio, but he had his mental faculties intact and together with his Cabinet, Congress and the American people won the Second World War. Could a brain-damaged Hillary Clinton do the same – and she may have to, if she’s elected?

There is nothing more important to the long-term survival of America than our national security. We can have the biggest economy, the best technology and the brightest minds on the planet, but if we lose just one war we cease to exist as a country, or at least, as the country we were founded to be. Unlike World Wars I & II, when we essentially gave our enemies their countries back, don’t expect Russia or China to be as gracious or generous.

Hillary Clinton is not medically or mentally fit to be president. The evidence proving this is crystal clear. We simply cannot risk putting her in the White House.

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