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Less lethal, but still effective: Handy home defense weapons

Thursday, May 30, 2019 by

Preppers like to cover all the bases, whether it’s stockpiling supplies or having backups for their tools. But when SHTF, you should have access to various weapons for home defense aside from your trusty firearm. (h/t to ThePrepperJournal.com)

According to an infographic from Wing Tactical, at least 26 percent of gun owners consider themselves as family-oriented protectors. These individuals aren’t necessarily outdoorsy, but protectors have expressed an intention to buy a gun to protect themselves and their loved ones.

About 15 percent of gun owners are known as “Debbie Defense” or female gun owners who carry and conceal a small and lightweight firearm for self-defense. On the other hand, 15 percent of gun owners are men who classify themselves as “Guardian Gary.” These gun owners don’t enjoy recreational shooting, and they prefer to have a gun solely for home defense.

Guns are ideal weapons for home defense, but not everyone is comfortable using a firearm. The less-lethal weapons below include options that you can use if you’re looking for something that can stop someone in their tracks before you need to resort to your firearms.

Baseball bat

Baseball bats made from aluminum, polypropylene (a type of plastic), or wood are a reliable choice for non-lethal weapon. Simply seeing you brandishing a bat can be enough to scare off a burglar, and if they attempt to enter your home, you can defend yourself with the bat.

Be careful where you swing baseball bats to avoid damaging your belongings or accidentally hurting a family member. (Related: Simple strategies you can implement NOW to significantly improve your home security.)


Batons are practical and lightweight. They also require very little force for an effective disabling shot.

Batons come in different shapes and sizes, like small whip-like batons or traditional expandable police batons. If you’re not used to handling a baton, practice with it the same way you would practice using your gun.

Pepper spray or pepper gel

Pepper spray is a handy weapon if you want something that can disable an attacker so you have enough time to call the police or escape.

You need to be careful when using traditional pepper spray inside your home. Pepper spray releases a chemical cloud that can blind you or even get pulled into your home’s HVAC system. To avoid hurting yourself, stick to pepper spray for outdoor survival scenarios.

Use pepper gel for self-defense inside your home. It’s just as effective as pepper spray, but it won’t leave a chemical cloud behind that you could potentially be exposed to.

Like pepper spray, pepper gel can be carried easily and discreetly. However, the latter can travel 20 percent farther than pepper spray, which lets you put more distance between yourself and an attacker. Pepper gel is dispensed as a thick, sticky substance and an attacker will have a hard time wiping it off their face. Since it’s thicker pepper sprays, pepper gel won’t be blown back into your face.

Stun guns or tasers

Stun guns and tasers are electroshock weapons that can be used for home and personal defense. These devices deliver a high voltage and low amperage electric shock that will hurt an attacker.

  • Tasers – A taser can be used from a distance. This weapon shoots probes, which are connected to wires, toward a target. The spear-shaped probes can penetrate clothing and sometimes skin, and they emit an electrical current that can affect up to a two-inch area. The target completes the circuit to deliver the electric shock.
  • Stun guns – A stun gun has two or more prongs attached to it to deliver the electric shock to a target. But unlike a taser, a stun gun you must be close enough to make contact with an attacker. While it can be dangerous to use a stun gun since an attacker can grab you before you are able to use the weapon, the former may be more comfortable to use and more accessible than a taser.

Ideally, you should know how to use a gun so you can subdue armed attackers. But if you choose non-lethal weapons, take the time to practice with them so you can use them with ease when you need to defend yourself or your loved ones.

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