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Prepping your car before SHTF when you’re on the road: Items for your car survival kit

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As a prepper, you need a car survival kit. If SHTF while you’re on the road, you can take care of various emergencies with a fully equipped kit for your vehicle. (h/t to Survivopedia.com)

Whether you have a brand new car or an older model, it’s important to keep your vehicle well-maintained. But to make it through a survival scenario, your car must have the right tools and gear.

Prepping your vehicle

Keeping your car in good working condition is a must, especially if you’re a prepper.

Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure that your car is ready if and when SHTF:

  1. Make sure all lights are working.
  2. Check fluids regularly.
  3. Change your oil to maintain engine health.
  4. Check belts and hoses so they don’t wear out.
  5. Check your tires, then fill as necessary since tire air pressure changes with the season. Check your spare tire as well.
  6. Check if your wiper blades are worn out and replace as needed.
  7. Check out any red warning lights on your dash and make the necessary repairs.

Doing these things can prevent major car troubles, which can hinder your progress while you’re on the road when disaster strikes. If you’re considering some minor modifications to your car, you might want to add one powerful spotlight to make it easier to see in the dark.

Another thing worth adding is a good connection point for jumper cables, especially since some newer cars have a hidden battery. Newer models normally have contacts you can use, but not all models offer this feature. It is best to have readily accessible points for jump-starting your car or for jump-starting other people’s cars.

Don’t forget to check your vehicle for towing points, both in the front and rear. These towing points aren’t referring to the ones used by a tow truck, but those you’d use to help a stranger get off the road and out of traffic. If your vehicle doesn’t have good towing points, address this by attaching U-bolts to the structure. Drill holes through and bolt them on to make it easier to hook a tow strap or chain to your vehicle. Alternatively, you can use a trailer hitch if your car has one. (Related: How to bug out in your car.)

Supplies for your car survival kit

You need the following equipment for addressing car-related issues:

  • Basic tool set for repairs – This includes a metric socket set, metric wrenches, pliers, and a set of screwdrivers.
  • Extra fluids – Always keep some spare brake fluid, oil, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid in your car. You can prevent minor emergencies by always checking your fluids.
  • Heavy-duty paper towels – For cleaning your hands.
  • Hose repair – You can use some duct tape and hose clamps.
  • Jack – Instead of using the scissor jack that comes with your car, which is difficult to use and rather unstable, use a hydraulic one instead.
  • Jumper cables – Keep high-quality jumper cables in your kit because a cheap set could fail when you need them most.
  • Lug wrench – Use a star wrench instead of the one that comes with your car.
  • Towing strap or chain – Use either a nylon strap or chains.
  • Water – You’ll need water if your engine overheats.

Before leaving your house, make sure you have your everyday carry (EDC) bag with you. Ideally, your EDC bag should contain basic survival gear.

Always keep these items in your car survival kit so you’re ready for any emergency that you may face while on the road.

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