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12 Cheap tools any prepper should have in their survival kit

Monday, February 10, 2020 by

Survival kits can vary from prepper to prepper. However, what each kit should always have is a set of tools. These tools can range from utensils to a hammer and a screwdriver. Here are 12 cheap tools that a prepper should have to help make the survival journey easier. (h/t to SHTFPlan.com)

Small pry bar

A small pry bar is a tiny crowbar. This is a great tool with many uses. Not only can you lever something in a small space with it, but it can also work as a weapon of last resort.

Allen wrench

An Allen wrench or a hex key is a small set of tools you can use to drive screws and bolts with hexagonal sockets. It is small, cheap and can be used on different socket sizes.

Utility knife

A utility knife can be used for various purposes, from self-defense and first aid to hunting and preparing food.


Many corner and dollar stores will have good screwdrivers with either a slotted or a Phillips head. Consider your situation and figure out what kind of screwdriver you need.

Star-nose bits for your screwdriver

To help you out even further, consider getting star-nose bits, or a Torx, for your screwdriver. This will make your screwdriver much more versatile.

A set of precision screwdrivers

To further improve the versatility of your tools, get a set of micro or precision screwdrivers. These are regularly sold as a set that comes with either several tiny screwdrivers or a single screwdriver with interchangeable heads, so you have the appropriate kind of screwdriver on hand when you need it.

Butane torch

A butane or pen torch is a miniature tool with which to create an intense flame. It requires a small can of butane for fuel and they are a common kitchen gadget with which to caramelize sugar. A good torch will help you start a bigger fire when you need warmth in a post-SHTF world.


Even a small hammer, as long as it’s a good and durable hammer, can help you in a variety of situations, such as patching up some holes in your temporary shelter, building hunting traps or as a self-defense weapon. Don’t forget to pack a few nails if you plan to use it for construction.

Small power tools

If you’re in an emergency and you need speed and efficiency, a small cordless power tool such as a cordless screwdriver or a cordless rotary tool will make your life easier. Bear in mind that these kinds of power tools will either need a place to charge or a battery for long-term use.

Tape measure

A long tape measure can be helpful in a lot of ways, especially if you’re looking to do work that requires precision. Make sure your tape measure is at least 12 feet long.

Drywall saw

A small drywall or keyhole saw is excellent for making holes in wood or drywall. It has a grated edge that can also be used to saw at small pieces of wood such as tree branches.

Eating utensils and a can opener

You can’t work on your prepping projects on an empty stomach, and you can’t eat your food in a hygienic manner without some proper eating utensils. Get a fork, knife and a spoon and get a small container for them so they don’t get contaminated in your bug-out bag. Last but not least, canned foods are commonly eaten during emergencies, so don’t forget to pack a can opener.

If you don’t have one or several of these tools, start setting aside some budget for them, then drop by your local dollar store. Remember that a good power tool or utility knife is a long-term investment that can save your life down the line.

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