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02/13/2020 / By Zoey Sky

Preppers need various tools and supplies, but you must keep in mind that when SHTF, the best “tools” to have

[addtoany url="http://2020-02-13-give-your-survival-skills-boost-with-these-learning-strategies.html" title="Give your survival skill repertoire a boost with these learning strategies"]


12/04/2019 / By Grace Olson

Preppers spend money on the latest gear and survival items. While there’s nothing wrong with that (as long as it’s

[addtoany url="http://2019-12-04-use-your-gear-practice-your-survival-skills.html" title="Don’t let your supplies gather dust: Learn how to use your gear and practice your survival skills whenever you can"]


11/16/2019 / By Zoey Sky

Weeds like bull thistle aren’t usually welcome in home gardens. But while most gardeners consider bull thistle as invasive plants,

[addtoany url="http://2019-11-16-how-to-use-thistles-food-herbal-medicine-cordage-shtf.html" title="Prickly but valuable: How to use thistles as food, herbal medicine and cordage when SHTF"]


11/13/2019 / By Zoey Sky

Being a prepper means getting ready before SHTF. If things go from bad to worse and you lose your fully-equipped

[addtoany url="http://2019-11-13-how-to-survive-without-bug-out-bag.html" title="How to survive in the wild without your bug-out bag"]


10/29/2019 / By Zoey Sky

One common deterrent to prepping is the belief that it requires a lot of money. While a high income is

[addtoany url="http://2019-10-29-practical-tips-for-budget-preppers.html" title="Practical tips for preppers on a tight budget"]


10/17/2019 / By Edsel Cook

Preppers and survivalists who plan to forage in the wilderness will not only need to look for edible plants and

[addtoany url="http://2019-10-17-foraging-safety-identify-common-poisonous-plants-mushrooms.html" title="Foraging safety tips: How to identify common poisonous plants and mushrooms"]


09/25/2019 / By Melissa Smith

A good guideline when foraging is to never eat anything that you don’t fully recognize: Many plants in the wild that

[addtoany url="http://2019-09-25-handy-guide-to-safely-foraging-for-wild-edibles.html" title="Here’s a handy guide to safely foraging for wild edibles"]


07/30/2019 / By Melissa Smith

Survival skills are techniques to ensure that your personal safety and basic needs such as food, water, and shelter, are

[addtoany url="http://2019-07-30-skills-you-just-cant-live-without-when-you-bug-out.html" title="5 Skills you just can’t live without when you bug out"]


07/09/2019 / By Melissa Smith

The wilderness is not as barren as you might think – you can find food such as edible roots, tubers,

[addtoany url="http://2019-07-09-wild-edible-roots-what-you-need-to-know.html" title="Wild edible roots: What you need to know about this survival food source"]


07/02/2019 / By Janine Acero

Plants are valuable sources of food. They are widely available, easily procured, and can meet all your nutritional needs, given

[addtoany url="http://2019-07-02-do-you-know-what-plants-are-safe-to-eat.html" title="Surviving in the wild: Do you know what plants are safe to eat?"]



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