The mainstream media is now America’s biggest enemy as it covers up Hillary Clinton’s obvious illnesses

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 by

( It often amazes us at how willfully ignorant far too many Americans choose to be, all because they would rather preserve their notions of political ideology than face facts and do the right thing for their country.

This is especially true of the mainstream media, which – in going all-in for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton just because of the party she belongs to – is participating in what will turn out to be the biggest presidential scandal in the history of our country. And frankly, if they help her pull off a victory, the reporters, editors and owners of these Left-wing pretend media outlets will be responsible for the loss of our country.

That makes them an enemy of America.

To any reasonable observer, Clinton has demonstrated time and again that she has some serious medical issues that she is dealing with. The woman can’t walk up a flight of stairs, can’t speak in public without coughing like crazy and nearly choking, and now, it seems, she can’t even get through a ceremony commemorating the 9/11 attacks without nearly fainting and having to be helped into a waiting SUV by her Secret Service detail. A great overall assessment of her failing health is here.

But because most of the so-called mainstream media embrace Clinton’s uber-leftist, big government-knows-best approach to leadership, they are more than willing to overlook (and, thus, underreport) the seriousness of her physical failings.

The range of excuses is only equaled by her sycophantic supporters’ zeal for running cover, as this editorial cartoon states well. She’s forgetful because of her accident, she tells the FBI; she’s dehydrated so she falls; she has pneumonia so she falls (but at her age isn’t admitted to the hospital); campaigning is tough stuff so it’s understandable that she would stammer and misquote herself; she coughs all the time because she has allergies – as if this multimillionaire woman who has lived most of her adult life on the public dole would not have taken care of this problem before she launched her presidential campaign.

The problem is, the mainstream media thinks you’re stupid – and, unfortunately, a lot of Americans who really aren’t dumb are choosing to be just because they don’t like Donald J. Trump and Republican ideals.

This isn’t the forum for those kinds of political debates, this forum aims to warn you when the country and its inhabitants face some kind of life-changing danger – and we will, if Hillary Clinton becomes president.

What the mainstream media would have you believe is that a woman who is prone to forgetfulness, chronic coughing fits, bouts of dizziness and fainting and who has a history of blood clots and fractures from falls…is still healthy enough to serve in perhaps the most rigorous job in the world, and most certainly the toughest job physically and mentally of her career: President of the United States.

That’s just bunk. The media is essentially pulling a “Wizard of Oz” on the nation by telling us, in essence, to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. And you can be certain of something else: If Trump were having one-tenth of these issues, the mainstream media would be all over it 24/7/365.

The media may well fool enough Americans into believing Clinton’s obvious health issues are phony, made-up, the product of haters and “conspiracy theories.” They are asking us to disbelieve what we are seeing before our own eyes.

And in doing so they are helping our enemies. An ill commander-in-chief cannot be a forceful and coherent advocate for our people. Shame on the media supporters for choosing a political party over the sanctity and security of their own country.

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