Another Obama casualty: The death of trust for police

Thursday, September 22, 2016 by

( Among the various things Barack Obama, as president, has destroyed – the Constitution, the rule of law, government of, for and by the people – count the institution of policing as well.

True, Obama has been targeting local police departments for some time, practically since his first days in office when he complained about a Cambridge, Mass., officer who arrested his friend, Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates, because he thought he was breaking into a home (turns out he was – it was his own home, but the officer did not know that). Obama said the cop, a veteran police sergeant with no history of racial profiling and who earned praise from his black police chief boss, “acted stupidly.”

Nearly eight years later, Obama has completed his demonization of American police departments, at least in the eyes of a large number of African-Americans who, upon each new incident of an officer-related shooting of a black suspect, respond by burning, looting and attacking innocent people, the latter of which is especially galling when you consider that rioting blacks feel like they are innocent and being targeted.

It doesn’t even matter if black suspects have a gun, refuse to follow police orders to drop said firearm, and are subsequently shot and killed by black officers, as was the case this past weekend in Charlotte, N.C. The end result of Obama’s regular targeting of American police has not only led to their actual targeting by black activist killers, but it has also resulted in a mindset that no matter what cops say, the black community isn’t going to believe them because Obama has conditioned them not to trust police anymore.

Case in point: While listening to a local Austin call-in talk show in which the hosts were discussing the Charlotte shooting, a caller – an African-American male – refused to believe what Charlotte’s black police chief has said about the incident: No “book” was in the hand of the man who was killed, Keith Lamont Scott; he excited his vehicle with a gun, and refused to put it down when officers ordered him to. Witnesses, Scott said, will confirm the police version of events.

The hosts tried to explain everything that had happened, as the police chief stated publicly that the evidence would eventually show once it came out, but all the caller wanted to do was circle back to his narrative: “Just because a man has gun doesn’t give officers a right to shoot him.”

“Well, okay, but what would you have the officers do? What are they supposed to do to get control over a situation when a man has a gun and refuses orders to drop it?”

“They just shouldn’t kill a man just because he has a gun.”

“What are police officers supposed to do when they repeatedly order a man to drop a gun but he doesn’t?”

“I understand, but they just should kill a man because he has a gun.”

“You know, the police chief said he wouldn’t drop it, that police ordered him repeatedly to drop it but he wouldn’t, and that bystanders who witnessed the incident would verify the police had no alternative.”

“Well, you know, we wasn’t there, so we can’t say for sure…”

“But the police chief said…”

“Yeah, well, he a cop too, so…”

And so on.

So there you have it. We have a president who has now successfully demonized the one institution that prevents our society, on a daily basis, from collapsing into anarchy: Police officers. He has convinced a number of African Americans that they can’t trust police – no matter what the facts are, no matter what witnesses say, and no matter if the police officers involved in shooting incidents where black men die are African American as well.

You can’t trust the cops, Obama has ingrained into their heads. It doesn’t matter that wrongful deaths involving police officers and the public are about as rare as Obama and Hillary Clinton being honest.

As we have said in this space before, continued demonization of police – coupled with violence, looting, burning of our cities and attacks upon innocent civilians – will eventually lead to a massive police boycott. They will get together through their unions and national organizations and for a day, or two, or seven, they will “call in sick,” “be unavailable,” or otherwise find a way to stay home and leave the thugs, criminals and ne’er-do-wells of society who will cause so much death, destruction and violence that governors may be forced to call in National Guard units to restore order.

And if that happens, we truly will have crossed a threshold we may never be able to retreat from.

We can blame it all on Obama, but when it happens it won’t matter who is responsible because the majority of the public will be scrambling for their lives.

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