What information that our enemies stole from Hillary Clinton’s servers will they use against her to harm America?

Wednesday, August 03, 2016 by

(Bugout.news) The world is full of problems and our country is in debt up to its teeth. Our political and business institutions are irretrievably corrupt the news media is in the tank for big, fat, expanded, all-controlling government. We have a sizeable segment of our population that will likely riot if Donald J. Trump is elected president because they only love democracy when their candidate wins.

But as bad as that is, things will get a lot worse under a President Hillary.

Never mind the fact that the woman and her husband, via their crime family foundation, have long ago sold their soul – and one-fifth of our most strategic uranium assets – to a potential enemy. These things are well-known by now to anyone who takes off their rose-colored glasses and looks at Clinton honestly.

What we don’t yet know, however, is what information was stolen from her virtually unprotected private email servers by state-sponsored hackers in Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

Clinton sycophants like to pretend the former secretary of state didn’t really delete tens of thousands of emails from her servers before she finally, reluctantly, turned them over to federal investigators. But she did – just not before some foreign entity hacked into the server and scooped up all the data, most likely.

It doesn’t take a seasoned intelligence analyst to figure out that the emails Clinton deleted contained correspondence and information that would 1) harm her politically; and 2) might even land her in jail (though the latter seems even less likely after FBI Director James Comey refused to recommend she be indicted for what appeared to the world to be a slam-dunk case of gross negligence involving the handling of sensitive intelligence data).

So the worry is, what sort of information now resting in the hands of our enemies could be used to blackmail her into giving in on issues critical to our national security?

You may be thinking that Russia – the country that hacked the DNC and Clinton’s campaign – obviously doesn’t want her to be president, otherwise Moscow’s cyberwarriors would have targeted the Trump campaign. And it may be that Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks that he can either get along better with Trump or manipulate and dominate his administration the way it has the Obama regime.

Think about it though: In that scenario, Putin wins either way. If Clinton ekes out a victory, he’s got the goods on her; if Trump wins, he’s got what he wants as well.

But remember, this threat of having Clinton in the White House doesn’t just depend on what incriminating evidence the Russians have. It’s very likely that multiple nation states hacked her poorly protected server, or that only a few did but then shared the information widely. Either way, Clinton is damaged goods, and if she wins in November, the country will be at risk of being blackmailed via our compromised president.

No one should want that to happen – Republican, Democrat, Green Party, Libertarian or Independent. Because when it comes to being in danger of losing our country, it won’t matter which political party we associate with.

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