The FBI proves it: Hillary Clinton IS too compromised to be our next president

Tuesday, September 06, 2016 by

( In recent days we raised the issue in this space that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been so careless with her use of a private email server that it was likely information that passed through her various electronic devices was hacked or stolen, thus compromising her to the point where she could never be an effective president.

Turns out we were right.

On Friday the FBI released a trove of data gathered by investigators during their year-long probe into her use of a private server, a highly unusual and – if a lesser being had done it, highly illegal – practice. According to various reports, it appears the damage was even worse than we thought.

For one, Clinton lost several cell phones each containing classified data. Aides Huma Abedin and Monica Hanley told the FBI that on many occasions the location of old mobile devices “would frequently become unknown” after she transitioned to new devices.

On other occasions, a staffer would simply smash old mobile phones with a hammer, thinking that would suffice. That alone indicates that she and her staffers knew that the devices contained sensitive information. But that also means they knew the devices contained additional information – say, information pertaining to her padding of the Clinton Foundation b bank account, perhaps? – as well, which is why she did not instruct her aides to dispose of the phones in the proper, intelligence-community fashion. Hillary Clinton – always defaulting to secrecy.

What she also did was violate federal law. As Breitbart News reports:

Federal law prohibits the unauthorized transfer, storage, or destruction of classified information. Federal records acts likewise prohibit the destruction of government documents, which would have included work-related emails on Clinton’s server and mobile devices.

Yet another reason to question why FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch gave this woman a pass. But that’s another issue for another day.

It gets worse. The bureau also said someone using the encrypted privacy tool known as Tor breached Clinton’s private, unsecured server in January 2013. According to the FBI’s interview notes, the owner of the intruding account – a woman whose name was redacted – said she was “not familiar with nor [had] she ever used Tor software.” So, likely, that was a hacking pro who hijacked someone else’s account to make the intrusion – like, someone who hacks for a government.

Clinton is believed to have used 11 different mobile devices while serving as secretary of state, Breitbart reported, and two since. Investigators sought all 13 devices but lo and behold, not a single one could be found.

The facts are clear now: Clinton is simply too compromised to be our president. She would be blackmailed constantly by regimes seeking to gain a strategic advantage against us, which is precisely why rules and regulations governing the handling of classified materials are in place. It is also why the approval process for gaining a Top Secret clearance is so rigorous and complete; it has to be in order to protect our country.

She simply can’t do it. By her actions she has surrendered her right to lead us. She has damaged our national security in a way that surpasses even Edward Snowden.

She simply cannot be elected in November. If she is, our very survival as a nation will be at risk.

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